Benefits of using the Pikler Climbing Frame for Children

The Pikler climbing frame is a simple and safe piece of play equipment that encourages open-ended play and helps your child’s early development. It is fun and can be incorporated into all sorts of children’s play activities during their younger years.

Rainbow Pikler Montessori Gymbaroo Climbing frame for toddlers and kids

This article will help you know:

  • What a Pikler Triangle or Climbing frame is.
  • Why it is beneficial for your child.
  • How to use the frame and games to play with it.
  • Who it is suitable for.
  • If it is worth buying a Pikler Climbing Frame.

What is a Pikler Climbing Frame?

A Pikler climbing frame is a children’s wooden climbing frame in a triangular or wedge shape. Also known as Pikler Triangle, it was designed by Hungarian paediatrician Dr Emmi Pikler. It encourages young children to climb and move in a safe and natural way. It has rungs made of hardwood dowel rods to enable little hands to grip and climb, with safe and comfortable foot placement.

Benefits of Using our Climbing Frame

Children are naturally inclined to play, climb and explore. So having well-designed and safe climbing equipment will help with your child’s playtime and physical development. Some of the benefits your child receives when using a Pikler climbing frame include:

  • Improve coordination and gross motor skills such as grasping and climbing with hands and feet.
  • Develop balance and steadiness in young legs.
  • Increase flexibility through reaching and stretching.
  • Improve spatial and body awareness by climbing up and over rungs on the frame.
  • Increase self-confidence and ability to assess and take risks.
  • Create a sense of achievement by climbing and moving by themselves.
  • Muscle development in arms and legs and core strength.
  • Brain development through physical activity, judging space and distance and playing imaginary games.
  • Provide exercise opportunities when it is raining or too hot to play outside.

      How do I Use it?

      The simplest way to use the Pikler climbing frame is to let your child climb on it. Of course, it is important to observe or supervise your child and sometimes help them, particularly if he or she is a toddler.

      Interestingly, Emmi Pikler's theory encourages respectful interactions between parents and children. This includes uninterrupted play and allowing children to develop and try things when they are ready and at their own pace. So, try letting your child explore their own way of playing with the climbing frame.

      The climbing frame can be used both indoors and outdoors, but is not intended to be left outside. It is good for those rainy days when you need some indoor play for active and energetic kids.

      Our frame is certified to meet Australian standards and has had safety testing. Here are a few safety tips:

      • Put the Pikler triangle away after use. This ensures your toddler only plays with it when you are supervising.
      • Wipe the wooden rungs and sides down with a damp cloth to keep them clean.
      • Ensure the frame is placed on an even surface on the floor.
      • Place a soft playmat underneath in case of a fall.
      • Limit the number of children on it at a time.
      • If attaching a Pikler wooden slide or Pikler Net, then check it is securely in place and stable.

      Climbing Frames Australia Kids Climbing Equipment

      More Ideas on using your Pikler Climbing Frame

      Here are some ideas on how to use the Montessori inspired Pikler Climbing Frame for self-directed play and building a child’s self-confidence.

      • Use it as a standalone piece for climbing up and over.
      • Let toddlers use it to pull up and walk. It saves them from banging their little heads on your coffee table.
      • Combine the frame with a Tinnitots wooden slide or climbing net for extra fun.
      • Play counting games with the rungs.
      • Play colour recognition games with coloured pegs or toys and clip or hang them onto the rungs.
      • Play hide and seek by hiding underneath like a cubby house.
      • Create an obstacle course with cushions and soft play toys or sensory playmats.
      • Play imaginary games by making it into a pretend tent or cubby house.
      • Pretend you are climbing a mountain to look for hidden treasure.

      What is a suitable age for the climbing frame?

      The Pikler climbing frame is suitable for kids aged 7 months and above. And for young children starting to walk and have some balance capabilities. Be sure to supervise children when they are playing with this equipment – especially when they just start out.

      Our climbing frame will hold a child’s weight up to 50kgs. So older children (probably up to 6 years) can play too. Kids often enjoy playing together with Tinnitots play gym equipment.

      Easy to Assemble

      The climbing frame comes with instructions and an allen key for easy assembly. It is made from solid birch wood and has a smooth finish. The rungs are brightly coloured and have safety grips. You will have the frame up in no time. And your child will love it.

      Is the Pikler Climbing Frame worth buying?

      Yes, it is well worth it. Your child will get a lot of use from the frame as he or she can use it up until they are 6 years old. And you can buy add-ons such as the slide, rock climbing wall, and cargo net. If you have more than one child, then this play equipment will be in use even longer.

      Because they are so well built, the Tinnitots Pikler climbing frame will last for generations. Once your children have outgrown it, it will likely still be going strong. So, you can pass it on to another family member or friend for their children to enjoy.

      As we outlined earlier in the benefits of the climbing frame, it will assist in your child’s health, physical and mental development. And it is great to have when playmates come over and they can use it together.

      Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for buying a Pikler climbing frame is to encourage your child to take risks and build their self-confidence. This ‘risky play’ lets children explore their own boundaries, especially in fear of doing things by alone and just having a go. This will help them as they grow up, start school and challenge themselves with even greater fun adventures.

      Buy our Pikler Climbing Frame today and help your child on their journey of self-discovery and self-belief.

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