Top 10 Reasons Why Indoor Play Gyms are a Must Have for Kids

indoor play gym equipment

Your kids can most likely play anywhere and everywhere. While outdoor play is really beneficial, it’s sometimes not possible. Especially when the weather is not really suitable for outdoor play. So on days when it is too hot, cold or rainy outside, how do you help you children stay active and entertained at home?

This is where indoor play gym equipment saves the day. Tinnitots has a great range of Swedish Wallbars for kids aged 3 years and above. And we have smaller Pikler gym sets suitable for toddlers.

All our indoor jungle gyms aid your children’s mental and physical development. And they are lots of fun, especially when kids can play together. It can be like a mini kinder garden experience for your child. 

There is no denying indoor gyms are a great solution not just for kids but also for parents. If you don’t have one at home, read below to discover the top 10 reasons why indoor gym equipment for pre-school kids are a must have item for your home.


    Indoor gyms provide your kid with an active lifestyle by offering plenty of ways to climb, swing and grapple on the gym. They help your kids develop balance, coordination, flexibility and strength while playing and enjoying themselves.


    Regular use of an indoor jungle gym for kids will increase your child’s confidence and not just in the playground. This boost in confidence will be reflected in social interactions, making new friends, playing games with others and taking on new activities and challenges. 


    Physical play and brain development in kids are interrelated. With indoor gyms, brain development and body workout occur simultaneously. When playing, children will use and exercise their motor and sensory skills while practicing balance. Play also stretches their imagination and engages their creativity.


    Often because of bad weather, parents prefer their children play indoors. With indoor gyms, active play is still possible inside your house. This also helps deter kids from jumping on the furniture. Children can play in comfort of their home and incorporate others toys into the gym play such as soft toys or sensory playmats. Parents may also get a chance to relax and enjoy a coffee.


    With an indoor gym, young kids can push their boundaries. When children of any age learn to assess and improve their skills and abilities, it creates a sense of achievement. You’ll take pride in seeing your kids surprising themselves by being able to master something they were not able to do earlier.


    Be it a 3 year old child kid or a 20 year old teen, an indoor gym can be used by your family. Of course weight limits may apply to certain equipment, but indoor gyms may appeal to a wide ranges of ages. All thanks to the adjustable accessories. For instance, you can keep the swing at a low height to let the toddler use it.


    Indoor play gym does not require an extensive space and can simply fit in any room without hampering the existing room’s furniture and décor. You can choose from the different gym sizes available.


    Tinnitots indoor gym equipment is very sturdy and built for kids. They are ISO Certified and TUV Nord certified which means they are safe. They are crafted in Europe using high-quality materials and finishes.


    Buying an Indoor gym is like an investment for you and your family’s health. Your child will enjoy the benefits in terms of health, confidence and having fun. You also get to have fun helping you child play with the gym and building beautiful memories together.


    One of the best parts of owning an indoor gym is inviting your child's friends over to play. Tinnitots indoor gym equipment allows multiple children to interact simultaneously. So, whenever your kid feels like playing with his or her friends, they can gather around the gym and have a group play involving activities like more climbing, rappelling, and swinging fun. It also provides an opportunity for the parents to get together and socialise too.

    So there you have the Top 10 Reasons Why Indoor Gyms are a Must Have for Kids. Explore our website and find an indoor playground jungle gym that is right for your child and your home.

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    Reviews Wishlist
    Based on 38 reviews
    Medium Sensory Playmat Set 2
    Rheannan WIlliams
    Excellent Product

    Brilliant product and fantastic for kids with additional needs. Thanks for a great product.

    Sensory playmats

    Love these mats. They look great, feel great and the kids LOVE them. So many ways they can be used. The kids have loved putting the puzzle pieces together, standing on them, sitting on them and just feeling them. Am thinking I’ll need to get more!

    Wonderful product

    Such a nice, colorful and sturdy triangle. My 1 yr old love standing on one side and staring out of the window, crawling underneath and walking around the pikler !!

    Swedish Corner Wallbars - S4 Kids Play Centre

    Great Product for the kids they love it!.
    Good quality product with good instructions to install.
    Assembly was easy.
    Kids love to play on it and it is helping them develop and use energy.
    Fast delivery and great support and service from Tinnitots!

    One Happy Family

    Indoor gym helps my kids stay active and healthy.

    I have finally found the Swedish Walls in Australia at Tinnitots! And I have recently purchased Swedish Corner Wallbars for my children.
    I’m very happy with the quality. It’s was very easy to assemble (not harder then IKEA). It’s a very steady and strong construction, easy to adjust to either right or left corner of the room.
    My kids absolutely love it, they became stronger and more confident in themselves climbing up and down. Great release of energy for the 3 year olds, especially when it has been raining this year so much! Overall very happy with the purchase and highly recommend! Thank you Tinnitots for the great service!

    Sensory playmat

    Absolutely thrilled with our sensory playmat. With 4 kids ranging from 3-10 they all love using it.
    Tinnitots has excellent communication would order from them again!

    brilliant addition to the clinic

    These have been a great clinical addition to the clinic. Kids love them and I have had no hesitation in suggesting them to families when clinically indicated.

    thanks Tinnitots

    The best sensory toy ever!

    I have purchased 10 large tiles, a combination of firm and soft ones. To say they have been popular would be an understatement! First of all, they look and feel fantastic: great colours and attractive designs that represent natural things like shells, cones, sticks, etc. The plastic they are made of has no odour which is great for young children. Secondly, the mats are loved by all - from tiny babies to feel the textures with their hands to 5 yo kids who love walking and running on them! Not to mention parents who also enjoy a nice foot massage stepping on those tiles. Since we have started using them in our centre (about 3 weeks now), we have had so many positive comments from parents and squeals of joy from kids when they are on those sensory mats. The tiles are easy to put together and modify the layout, there is no problem cleaning them and storing in a box. I am even thinking of getting some more!


    The mats are a wonderful addition to my classroom. Other teachers want them and students play with them all day. Also the best customer service! Thank you!!

    Love this!

    My 20 month old son really enjoys playing with the bear! Looking forward to reaching him how to tie shoe laces with it when he is a bit older. Really good for his fine motor skills

    Tres contente !

    J'ai offert ce busy-board à mon fils pour ses 1 an & j'en suis très contente ! Thank you Tinnitots.

    My boy loves it

    What a fantastic activity cube. High quality and finishes are perfect.Highly recommend.
    Thank you for excellent customer service too.

    Christmas Present

    Great product, easy to assemble and strong. Delivery was quicker than expected as well so there was plenty of time to have it assembled in preperation for Christmas day for my daughter.

    Must have for toddlers!

    My favourite toddler product yet! A must buy! Our little ones loves climbing up when we are in the kitchen to help with the dishes, preparing food or just being at our level. It has taken away so much of the stress of meal times when he used to be in my feet making a mess pulling everything out and wanting my attention! He is now happy to see what is going on and mostly play in the sink! It has developed his autonomy so much! Thank you for an awesome product!

    Must have!!

    The most beautiful quality busy board. Amazing product and fantastic customer service.
    A must have toy - keeps my toddler entertained and engaged

    Awesome addition

    We love the slide/climbing wall. Sturdy and versatile and it looks awesome with the climbing triangle.

    Wooden Pikler Triangle W1
    Elizabeth Reynolds
    Love it

    We love our climbing triangle! The best price we could find for something that is such good quality. Our 1 and 2 year olds love it and it looks great!

    Happy Fathers Day

    I bought the Wooden Indoor Pikler Gym W3 for my 2.5 year old son, and we assembled it on Fathers Day. It is very well made, and easy to construct (I am a Mechanical Engineer with a background in Product Engineering), and I am confident it will be reliable and long lasting. My son loves it, he quickly mastered the slide and ladders, and in the following days gained the confidence to try the climbing wall, and rope ladder. It is great to watch him gaining valuable gymnastic skills in the safety of my living room. The price was more than I planned to spend, but the value for money is excellent. Definitely recommended! I should add Thomas was very helpful with my pre-sale questions, delivery, and a follow up phone call to make sure I was happy with the purchase, great customer service!

    Excellent product and customer service!

    Firstly the customer service was incredible. Within minutes of purchasing the sensory board I received a tracking ID email to the courier service. I received the parcel the very next day and had a text follow up from Tinnitots to confirm they had seen the parcel had been delivered and had I received it ok. The quality is fantastic and it is exactly as shown in the photos. I highly recommend Tinnitots to anyone looking for amazing and interactive children's toys. The price is certainly worth it, you can see that the board is built to last and with such great customer service, especially during covid, I can't speak more highly of the products and of Tinnitots.

    Great product

    Great customer service. Product is very well made and so easy to assemble. Perfect in our therapy clinic for young children.

    Best & Favourite Purchase

    Absolutely LOVE this pikler for my 7month old daughter! We spend so much time with it. We got the larger one so she can eventually grow into it! It is a great size really easy to assemble. Absolutely recommend to all those who are thinking of purchasing!

    Another Fabulous Product

    Colourful, solid, beautifully finished like all of the Tinnitots products. I have bought 3 of these for my Gymbaroo centres and the children love them from crawling babies to preschoolers.

    Awesome Climbing frame

    We love everything about the gym. It looks beautiful and is so solid, safe and appealing.
    The Gymbaroo kids love it and it makes a great addition to our babyroom.

    Great product and amazing customer service Very happy

    My next top product arrived on time and I was so well informed at every stage, very happy with customer service.
    The product is solid and very high quality. Smooth finish throughout. Highly recommend.

    Gorgeous pikler! Easy to assemble! Excellent costumer service. Definitely will recommend!

    Review from Ebay store purchase