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Our large Foldable Pikler Triangle is specially designed to work with your baby, toddler, and even older children. It is fun and educational and can encourage children to play together.

Inspired by child development pioneer Emmi Pikler, the Pikler Triangle is one of the most versatile products in our wide range. It is often paired with the wooden 2 in 1 climbing ramp and slider, or the wooden Pikler Net. The popular additions are lots of fun for your child and enable even more creative playtime.

The Pikler Triangle offers numerous benefits, including enhanced gross motor development, increasing spatial awareness, vestibular stimulation (for learning about balance), strengthening limbs, proprioceptive learning (physical self-awareness), providing open-ended play, and more! The Triangle encourages a sense of body in space and encourages free movement and imagination.

Although the Climbing Triangle may look like a simple climbing frame, there is a lot more to it. It can be used by infants and babies, and still be engaging for kids up to 10 years. It is made from solid birch wood with a smooth safe finish and can take up to 50kgs in weight.

Watch your children make their own fun as they adapt this piece for all sorts of activities. You'll be surprised at the creative ideas they have! The Pikler Triangle can be used as a:

  • Play fort
  • Indoor tent for sleeping
  • Obstacle course component
  • Ladder to higher activities
  • A Perfect way to wear your child out!
  • Quiet place for reading
  • Make-believe mountain
  • Clubhouse
  • A Fun way to learn about colours
  • And much more!

Combo 1 : Pikler Triangle + 2 in 1 Ramp

Combo 2 : Pikler Triangle + Pikler Net

Combo 3: Pikler Triangle + 2 in 1 Ramp + Pikler Net

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    Safety information

    You should always place the product on a soft but sturdy play surface, never on concrete or hard ground. Please never leave your children unsupervised, even for a minute. We advise letting them explore freely, but always be within a safe distance to assist them if required.

    *Wooden products are likely to have minor imperfections. Colour of products may slightly vary from the displayed images

    Customer Reviews

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    Loved it!

    We ordered our Pikler combo set with ramp and net for our son's birthday.Thank you for such beautiful quality product! I have an eye on their sensory mats already :) Highly recommend.

    Reviews Wishlist
    Based on 124 reviews

    Was missing bolts the metal clips are hard to align with the plastic grips hubby had to use a hammer to smooth and roll them out no way I could have done it. Other then that it’s great the kids love it though the monkey bars are extremely high for little ones and you aren’t able to lower them due to the connecting poles

    Sensory Play Mats

    A fabulous way to stimulate both visual and tactile interaction. Promotes fine motor skills and textural exploration.
    Colours are lovely and bright and the quality of the tiles is high. Easy to clean and stack.

    Great resource

    Got this for my daughter's first birthday and both her and her older 3 year old sister are both getting good use out of it so far.
    I also enjoy walking across it and I've put pieces in a couple of areas to maximise use, love how versatile it is.
    The only thing I'd say, and only from a detail perspective, I wish I'd known there was only 3 x twister pieces included and two are also the same colour which I found odd. One of the images on the description and the set of four which made more sense.

    Kids love them

    We absolutely love them. They are fantastic to add a sensory element to our playroom.

    Absolutely love this product. It keeps our grandchildren busy and stimulates their mind with imaginative play as they make up lands for each of the different textures.

    Need to add another to our set!

    This was another great addition to our set. The kids love it.. so much so that I think we need to add another!

    Great addition!

    Have you got a little one that loves the outdoors and being barefoot, this mat is a perfect sensory addition to your set!

    Great addition!

    Our sensory mats are so well loved. When we decided to add more to our set my boy was drawn to this one in particular!
    He says it feels like a massage on his feet and I have to agree!

    Small world play just got better!

    My children are a huge fan of matchbox cars and small world play, so adding this set to our already well loved Sensory Mats was a HUGE hit!
    If you have little car lovers, I highly recommend!

    Travel Busy Cube
    Renee Shepherd
    Great for Car Trips!

    Living 20mins out of town our busy cube lives permanently in our car. The kids love fidgeting with all the gadgets on the cube and it keeps them busy for ages.

    Great sensory input

    I bought these for my therapy service. These are great for babies - lots of tactile input, easy to clean and create lots of curiosity and exploration!

    Muffik Pink Sensory Playmat Set
    Katherine Stephenson

    I had been wanted these sensory mats for ages and wish I had bought them sooner. They are are beautiful and well made. My toddler loves stepping on things so these are perfect. Even my husband and I enjoy walking over them! Couldn’t recommend these enough!

    Love this product

    My students and I love the sensory mat and have nearly all the squares now in hard and soft. Tinnitots have been wonderful to deal with and are the only company I am aware of in Australia offering single mat pieces. As a small business owner this has allowed me to grow my mat of 8 squares to 24 over the year. My students love the mat and it’s moveable I take it in the car when visiting other students and they love putting it together in their home.

    An amazing sensory support tool

    We purchased this set for our Autistic son for Christmas and he absolutely loves them. The inclusion of spinning disks amongst the set is awesome

    Our 18 month old loves these. Every few weeks we get them out again and we find new games to play.

    Our 18 month old loves these. Every few weeks we get them out again and we find new games to play. Feels very nice on the feet!

    Our 18 month old loves these. Every few weeks we get them out again and we find new games to play. Feels very nice on the feet!

    Our 18 month old loves these. Every few weeks we get them out again and we find new games to play. The yellow hedgehog is a big uncomfortable to walk on for us and him but otherwise the flatter ones feel very nice on the feet!

    Sensory Play Mats

    My little one absolutely loves these as do all of our visitors. We use these mats for obstacle courses, role play games and to meet sensory needs for regulation. These are a great addition to our haul of toys and are a regular part of our daily play experiences.

    Spin Discs Rotans Set

    these are such a great addition to our playarea. my boys absolutely love them. They are well made. such a great fun piece for gross motor fun.

    Great for sensory seekers!

    My little one’s absolutely love them! Perfect for all ages including adult. Fast delivery and great communication ⭐️

    Game changer !

    My little one absolutely loves her Muffik mats ! We use in so many way !! Shower, playroom, outside that’s are fantastic for emotional regulation !

    Amazing set of sensory mats

    We have the medium set 1 of the Muffik sensory mats and everyone in the house loves them! It’s such a cool idea that you can arrange them however you like as a puzzle! You won’t be disappointed with this set!

    Love it

    So perfect